Sisters of the Poor

of Saint Catherine of Siena

Toward Communion in Savinian Communication

A month has now passed after the first assembly of the sisters and they are back in their destination. We now present a review of what happened in the morning of December 9, in the Chapel of the Motherhouse in Siena where the conclusion of the Savinian General Assembly of Communication has taken place, marked by a heartwarming commemorative moment.

The heart of the morning’s activities was a meticulously organized prayer time that provided a sacred space for the participants to gather in contemplation and communion.

The chapel was enveloped in a soft light with resounding hymns and prayers. It was a significant moment when Mother Savina’s shoes were presented imbued with the essence of filial devotion to our Mother.

Mother Liliana reflected on the relic related to the communication that Savina had manifested throughout her life. Her words resonated with wisdom and inspiration, emphasizing the importance of unity, communication, and community-upheld values.

The atmosphere in the chapel was one of reverence and serenity, fostering a sense of deep connection among the members of the assembly. As the hymns filled the air and the sacred relic moved among those present, there was a tangible sense of shared purpose and deep spiritual fulfillment.

In the broader context of the General Assembly of Communication, this day’s morning prayer was a moving conclusion, weaving together the threads of faith, communication, and communion. The event not only marked the end of the formal deliberations, but also symbolized a continuation of the spiritual path that holds the Savinian religious family together.

As the participants dispersed, there remained a collective sense of accomplishment and renewed purpose. The moment of guided prayer in the chapel of the Mother House, with its focus on the sacred relic of Mother Savina, provided an appropriate, meaningful and enriching conclusion to the first General Assembly of Savinian Communication.

Sr. Soumya, SdP (India)