Sisters of the Poor

of Saint Catherine of Siena

The three general councilors were elected

In the Generalate house, at 6 p.m., Rome time on October 9, the 3 general councilors were elected in the Chapter Hall:

  • Sr. Franca Storri (II Councilor) 
  • Sr. Maria José (III Councilor)
  • Sr. Lorina Lobarbio (IV Councilor)

To the new General Councillors we wish them a good mission under the grace of the Lord and under the custody of the Virgin Mary!

Sr. Franca Storri 

Born in Italy on April 5, at the age of 18 she made her temporary profession, she responds to the Lord’s call to follow Him more closely as sister of the poor. With the master’s degree she exercised her mission in the school environment:
● Teacher of children for many years and for some years also of children with disabilities and children in difficulty;
● Missionary in Palermo at the time of Father Puglisi;
● In Crotone she assumed the parish mission and Responsible in Caritas Community
● Secretary General for 6 years during the government of Mother Agostina Bonemei;
● Since 2012, Provincial Superior in Italy

  Sr. Maria José 

Born in Brazil on March 4 and at the age of 20 she made the temporary profession. With the formation in Science of Religion and School for Formators in accompaniment psychopedagogy
she dedicated her service in mission as:
● Animator in youth ministry;
● Formator in the initial stages (Aspirantate, Postulancy and Novitiate);
● Since 2015 she had been helping in the formation of young women in preparation for perpetual vows.

Lorina Lobarbio 

Born on December 12, she comes from the Philippines and at the age of 23 she entered the congregation. She has lived in Italy as a missionary for more than 36 years. She studied Accountancy and was able to serve in the mission as:
● Provincial Councillor in the Italian province;
● Community Superior;
● Legal representative.