Sisters of the Poor

of Saint Catherine of Siena

The Inauguration of the Communication Office on the 150th anniversary of the Savinian Family

The Congregation of the Sisters of the Poor of St. Catherine of Siena, aware of the importance of good communication of The Good in the current context, joyfully announces the inauguration of the Communication Office. The date is set on April 29, a particularly significant day in the history of the Congregation.

This significant moment for the Savinian Family will allow the mission and charism of the religious institution to be further developed in an age dominated by the media, which requires an authentic and empathetic predisposition. With divine protection, the guidance of Mother General Liliana Quesada and her Council, the orientation of Dr. Massimo Ilardo and the direct responsible of the Office of Communication, Sr. Gildileny Torres, assisted by a communication team made up of other sisters of the poor, the Office will have a dedicated headquarter. The Savinian communication team joins in celebrating and expressing gratitude for the fulfillment of this wish.

On the occasion of the memorial liturgy of Saint Catherine of Siena, Doctor of the Church and Patroness of the Congregation. This saint, a woman of virtue and an extraordinary communicator, maintained a path of communion with the Pope through communication, using the means available in her time to spread the divine message of goodness and love for the Church.

This event consolidates the importance of Savinian communication, which continues its commitment to evangelization and the propagation of the values of the faith through modern means.

A project born in the heart of Blessed Savina Petrilli is materialized today, thanks to the dedication of Mother, the Sisters of the Poor, benefactors and friends who believe in the transforming power of authentic communication, guided by the Holy Spirit. Thus, the Office of Communication of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Poor is born not by human will but by the divine will, that blows wherever and however it wills. The goal is clear: “To communicate well  The Good.”

A communication with the Savinian Style: to be able to transmit the culture of Christian love, and to encourage the needy with fruitful speech, who “promotes an approach that focuses on listening attentively to others and illustrating the complexity of reality” (Savinian Communication Plan, p. 2), being light like the Foundress, who in her life communicated charity and truth.

 In order to fully understand the importance of Savinian Communication, which strives to transform the poverty of an existence devoid of relationships into a media world where many people risk getting lost due to lack of meaning in life, in this scenario that the figure of the Sister of the Poor assumes a fundamental role, called to be a sign and tangible voice of charity,  bringing life where death is already present, and transmitting God’s presence through the charism and mission that animates it.

Sr. Eliane Santos, SdP (Brazil)