Sisters of the Poor

of Saint Catherine of Siena

The experience recalled and told

A fraternity always on the move

The time of grace for the entire congregation experienced in the previous months was witnessed by various sisters from Italy, Brazil, Argentina, India and the Philippines, who experienced the XVIII General Chapter in Rome at the Generalate.

       The days passed by  living together in fraternity and diversity, all united by the same charism in search of the will of God, in which there was also the opportunity to meet the Holy Father, in the audience of 12 October.

 The conclusion of the XVIII General Chapter, a month ago, took place in Siena with a pilgrimage to the Mother House, in which all the participants were able to experience the historical presence of the founder.

Among the corners in which Mother Savina lived, all the sisters traveled the memory of the origin of the congregation in an atmosphere of silence and prayer. This experience has left a feeling of joy and hope imprinted in every SdP.

The family spirit

To extend the fraternal atmosphere in the following days, the whole community at the Generalate house was in a festive atmosphere to celebrate Mother’s birthday in advance and it was joined by the whole congregation as a family celebration.

 “We must be Ponte non Porto “ (bridge not port) This expression of Mother Liliana was the source of inspiration for the theme of the celebration which is “Life is like a bridge”

Joy, gratitude, have evidently prevailed among the sisters. Their involvement in the preparation of the feast, through the liturgy of praise, the Mass, strengthened the family spirit which is proper to the Sisters of the Poor; and the fraternity lived in a profound way; it is visible through fraternal assistance.

To make this day even more memorable, each Province prepared and sent an affectionate tribute, which was presented at the time of recreation through some dances, songs and messages of good wishes. All these gestures were made to confirm the closeness, respect and affection that keep the sisters united to the person of the Mother.


 (Sr. Sandra and Vittoria Mazzucco)