Sisters of the Poor

of Saint Catherine of Siena

A sister does become and it is done for the poor

“When we decide to be part of the Sisters of the Poor, we do not think of becoming great in the eyes of others, but it is the Charism itself that makes us great, that gives us something more, adds value to our being and symbolizes the personal history of each of us, with all its fragility and sometimes even with all its shortcomings”… Sister Francesca describes the image of the Sister of the Poor, making us aware of what are her fundamental characteristics.

The foundress, Mother Savina, incarnated the image of the one who was always ready to help others in times of need. She had foreseen the needs and demands hidden in different situations and she was prompt to meddle herself, offering interventions with the sole aim of promoting human dignity.

This is the reason that the Sisters of the Poor seek to vivify the charismatic spirit in their different missions not only through self-giving but also through prayer and acting as an intermediator for the needy and suffering humanity.

As Sister Francesca explains, it is precisely through prayer that human beings can have a pure, spontaneous, and true encounter with the Lord who renews us and gives light and daily guidance.

The sisters do not pray for themselves, but for those who “have reasons to weep”, and Jesus the Priest who constantly and unceasingly intercedes before the Father to intercede for humanity represents this image.

The Sisters live the same image of the priesthood of Christ as their charism. United to Him, they welcome the stories of men and women, with their anxieties and difficulties, presenting them to the Father as Jesus presents himself.

The charism manifests itself in every epoch and historical period, placing its coordinates.
It is essential to know this moment and be able to intervene, finding opportunities to promote each person who needs help.

The life of the Sisters of the Poor of St. Catherine of Siena is dedicated precisely to the promotion of those who are in need. They spend their time, use their strength, care attentively, and serve with love and joy in gratuitousness.

Looking at the vocation of the sisters of the poor globally, one sees a collection of beautiful and positive stories that shine forth every day and from time to time, go in contrast to less brilliant realities. Still, as Sister Francesca tells us, this is welcomed by the Lord who values the commitment one made.

                              Vittoria Masuzzo, Siena