Sisters of the Poor

of Saint Catherine of Siena


We call ourselves Sisters and our brother is Jesus in the person of our poor, we live in the family spirit manifested in mutual charity (Savina Petrilli). Our mission in the Church is to be bearers of God to our brothers and sisters, to the most needy, whether they are poor materially, physically or even morally and spiritually, in order to promote and evangelize them.

We are the Savinian Family born from the intense spiritual and human life of Savina Petrilli. A young Sienese woman, from a family poor in means, but rich in human and Christian values. In love with Jesus following the example of Catherine of Siena, Savina chooses to devote herself, above all, to the poor to help and love them without measure and without reward. Her love for the needy was reflected in the foundation of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Poor of St. Catherine of Siena. 

In imitation of our protector, Saint Catherine of Siena, “love without measure”, in the logic of the Crucified One, impels us to see in every situation of hardship a poverty to be helped, a suffering to be soothed. For every daughter of Savina, the one who suffers is a brother, a sister, to be taken care. 

Mary Immaculate is the Mother of our origins. In the name of her “magisterium” we live the everyday life with a simple, dialogical and hospitable style, which trains us to offer our contemporaries a humanizing and Christlike coexistence.

We are the Sisters of the Poor to whom the Lord has entrusted the mission of bringing God everywhere, witnessing and communicating his love, the only treasure that does not perish, without sparing ourselves.

Our motto? “Everythingis little for Jesus”!

Our name


Women summoned by God to live as Sisters, in a family of predilection, a family open to welcome, always ready and gratuitous. In this family, there are those who pray, those who teach, those who care for the sick, those who comfort the elderly and those who point out to the young the meaning of life and all are but one heart and soul.

of the Poor

We are to come as such because of our willingness to assist poor brothers and sisters through charity and to communicate God to them. Nothing must dare to the neighbor, who cannot give him God. Therefore, to the poor we particularly dedicate our predilection, our heart, our work. In them we will see our veiled Spouse.

of Saint Catherine of Siena

“Go, go with Saint Catherine, walk in her footsteps and follow her examples”.

Pope Pius IX’s invitation coincides with Savina’s dream. From the Sienese Saint she will learn to love the Crucifix, the Eucharist, the Church and the poor.

Blessed Savina Petrilli entrusts the religious family she founded to the protection of Saint Catherine of Siena.

General Government



Sr. Daisy

Vicar General

Sr. Franca

II Councilor

Sr.Maria José

III Councilor

Sr. Lorina

IV Councilor

Sr. Cecilia


Sr. Maria Antônia

Administrative Management