Sisters of the Poor

of Saint Catherine of Siena

Savinian Jubilee officially opened

The Savinian jubilee year 2023/ 2024 is officially opened with the celebration of the 100th death anniversary of Blessed Savina. 

Today is the 100th anniversary of Easter, of the birth in heaven of Mother Savina, and on April 24, the 35th anniversary of her beatification. 

In this year there will be other important anniversaries: on December 8th, 150th anniversary of the conception as SdP in the house of Petrilli, and after 9 months of mature gestation, on September 7th is the official birth in heaven as consecrated in the church. These are very touching dates in the heart of every SdP and it is precisely for this reason that we begin this Savinian Jubilee season in which we will be able to deepen our charism and its actualization, through renewed opportunities for research, study and sharing. 

Opportunities, therefore, that are also and above all union of intentions and desires that are rooted in listening to the Word of God and in the evangelical life of our foundress: an example of life and an encouragement to offer ourselves with generosity and fidelity. 

So overflowing, this year of grace will be able to embrace everyone and be a gift for all those who, directly or indirectly, come into contact with our religious family. From the Exhortation of the Holy Father – How can we express all this? His Holiness, Pope Francis, in the audience with Major Superiors told us, reflecting on the women who seek Jesus in the tomb:

“Their attitude reminds us that if we have the courage to ‘return to the source and recover the original freshness of the Gospel, new paths, creative methods, other forms of expression will spring up… words full of renewed meaning for today’s world” … “Always go with courage, seek the Lord, what he tells us today; not what he told us yesterday… With that spirit of the founders that you have in your hearts, ask the question…: “Lord, what must I do today? What should we do?

Setting out on the Synodal journey – continued the Holy Father – the presence of Jesus does not close us in on ourselves …. We have chosen to walk together: to walk together it is necessary that we allow ourselves to be educated by the Spirit to a truly synodal mentality. ” (Speech of 13.04. 2023 to Major Superiors)

Let us repeat together: “Lord, what must I do today? What should we do?” “First of all, to let our hearts be changed by the emergency we have experienced, to allow what, through this historical moment, God transforms our usual criteria for interpreting the world and reality. We can no longer think only of preserving the space of our personal or national interests…” (Address of 08.12.2022 for Consecrated Life)

In the light of the words of the Holy Father we would carry out a series of activities, of a spiritual, cultural and even popular nature with events that involve the community in our journey and will be able to transmit our founding values. In this way we will be more aware and responsible in witnessing to the broad breadth of the charismatic gift welcomed by Mother Savina and entrusted to all of us. 

Responsible, yes, in accompanying and supporting the poor, the weakest, the young and all those whom the Lord entrusts to us.
Let us think together what activities will allow the Congregation to offer contributions to the knowledge of the charismatic nuances lived in different social contexts, in response to the needs of the new and dramatic forms of poverty in the places where our communities live. It will be a process of preparation and verification for each member belonging to the religious family that completes its first 150 years of foundation.

May this fervent journey of initiatives convey an interior renewal and growth in the mission entrusted to us, as well as an astonishing discovery of what the Lord still reserves for us, of his mystery of love incarnate in a dynamic and transforming charism.
May the heroic virtues lived by Mother Savina serve us to be an example and an encouragement to live our consecration with an ever deeper adherence to God’s will.

Final greeting – I wish everyone a fruitful year, a year in which we can, by opening bridges between the different realities, achieve greater synergy and “openness” of the whole Savinian world, to the concrete reality of every brother and sister.

May the Lord bless, through the intercession of Mother Savina: children, young people, the elderly, single mothers, migrants and families who, in friendship and fraternity with the Sisters of the Poor of St Catherine of Siena, experience God’s mercy.
Happy New Year Savinian!!!

Madre Liliana Quesada Dorado, SdP