Sisters of the Poor

of Saint Catherine of Siena

Roads to go

Still experiencing the joys of the announcement of the novelty of the Savinian Jubilee Year – presented by the Mother, on April 18, a day of great emotional memory for us SdP, in remembering the 100th anniversary of the definitive Easter of our beloved Foundress Savina Petrilli—, impassioned our whole being.

In the room where we gathered for the online meeting, our bright eyes met and immediately many reasons why we have to thank God for the existence of our Religious Institute, which has lasted for almost 150 years, surfaced. During this time, we have done charitable works, transforming the lives of thousands of people in different parts of this vast world, following the example of Jesus the Priest.

This Jubilee Year will certainly be an occasion for many reflections and prayers, and will help us understand the dynamism of Savinian’s charism, which remains faithful to its origins but is also always timely, capable of being incarnated in the concrete realities of every age and social context.

The seed of the “priestly spirit”, planted since 1873, has generated thousands of followers of Jesus, inspired by the spiritual pedagogical model left by Savina Petrilli. We are happy to continue to strengthen the signs of life and resurrection in this land.

We are even happier for the collaboration of so many lay people who identify with our charismatic gift, transforming it into a treasure to be shared with other people along the journey of their life. 

“The deepest inner attitude will be to receive freely and give freely”, this will be the attitude that will guide our inner world. As loving daughters of our Mother, we will do everything possible to ensure that our mission continues as she have always taught us: “Everything is little for Jesus Christ, but everything is great with Saint Catherine”.
As spiritual daughters and heirs of Blessed Mother Savina, we will continue with her holy boldness despite our limited resources. We are sure that Providence will guide us and show us the roads to go.

All of us, SdP, are called to respond to the requests that the Holy Father has invited the Superiors General of the Institutions to make. We must remember our charism and adapt it to social needs, responding to the poverty of the contemporary world. It is our duty to update our way of communicating, using words and behaviors that can touch the hearts of today’s men and women. This commitment revolutionizes our lives and we need not fear what the future holds for us, as we entrust our work into the hands of the Lord through the intercession of Mother Savina.

I like to underline what the Holy Father communicated to the superiors general and told by the Mother. This represents a significant step in our vocation, and we are experiencing it in this Savinian Jubilee. Let us repeat altogether “Lord, what should I do today? What do we have to do?” “Above all, let our hearts be changed by the emergency we have experienced, to allow God to transform our usual criteria for interpreting the world and reality through this historical moment‌. We can no longer think only of preserving the space of our personal or national interests…” (Speech of 08.12.2022 for Vita Consecrata). A fraternal wish to all SdP.

Sr. Amparo Mesquita Machado, SdP