Sisters of the Poor

of Saint Catherine of Siena

Renewal of vows

Renewal of vows: proclaiming a covenant

“…A covenant with God…”, are the words spoken by Sr. Anu yesterday, as a thanksgiving and testimony of her self giving to Christ, on the occasion of the renewal of vows at the parish of Santa Maria Assunta in Genoa, Italy.

The testimony of her vocation story was requested by the parish vicar to tell all those present the evidence of an intense formation path.

Surprising those present with her joviality, Fr Giorgio reminded the assembly that the choice for God also involves going beyond what is necessary, mentioning the India from which Sr. Anu comes.

Before the assembly of the faithful composed of children, young people and adults, Sr. Anu, in the presence of her General, Mother Liliana Quesada, renews her temporary vows with joy and gratitude for the countless experiences she has lived, which have enriched her in her journey as Sister of the Poor.

Reminding everyone present that vocation is a response, and that there is someone who loves, Fr Giorgio wanted to highlight this particular moment in the life of the parish to redeem Christian vocation values. 

The sisters are loved, said a parishioner to Mother General, demonstrating the affection they give by participating in the life of the Church. It was a special occasion for the sisters present, a gratitude and rereading of the divine manifestation that communicates his presence in simplicity.