Sisters of the Poor

of Saint Catherine of Siena


Mission Central House in Philippines​

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In 1981 the Sisters of the Poor came also in the Philippine Islands, dedicating themselves tirelessly to the service of the least. Most of the population is young; It is therefore important to offer nourishment of human and religious values from the outset, through listening to the word of God and prayer, in order to be ready to live an authentic Christian life.

In all the Savinian realities present here, particular priority is given to the teaching of the Catholic religion in elementary, middle and high schools. Much attention is paid above all to the pastoral care of young vocations, offering young people human and spiritual formation through retreats and spiritual meetings, days of formation and prayer.

Work in the formation is part of the missionary concern of the Sisters and, through specialized vocational schools, the poor are given the opportunity to learn some handicrafts that allow them to open their own handicraft activities or small entrepreneurship in view of their subsistence.

The sick who cannot access the hospital or buy medicines are also assisted, offering them a clinical structure, simple, but responsive to their needs, where, in addition to the therapy of the body, the spirit is treated with the word of God and the Eucharist. Since the beginning of the mission, the communities of the Philippines have been and still are blessed by the presence of many Italian and Filipino friends and benefactors, who learned the missionary style of the Savinian Family and, in addition to economic collaboration, also share their spirituality and mission with the poor. Through generous benefactors who believed in the mission of the Sisters, help greatly to offer young people scholarships so that they could continue their studies and able to find a dignified job in order to help their family. Even poor children are benefited by the good heart of these benefactor friends through the maintenance of the kindergarten school.

The entire mission in the Philippines is guided, constantly, by the teaching of Mother Savina: “Our will is to give God to souls and to be able to give it we must first of all that God be ours”

Responsible for the Mission



Sr. Salete


Collaborator and Secretary

Sr. Glória

Sr. Rosettie

Sr. Ruth

Administrative Management