Sisters of the Poor

of Saint Catherine of Siena

Light of Solidarity: Sister Cesarina Vestrini Honored in the Heart of Sinalunga

A spark of generosity will illuminate the streets of Sinalunga in honor of Sister Cesarina Vestrini, the heroine of solidarity whose dedication touched the heart of the community. The long administrative journey has finally found its epilogue with the green light from the Prefecture of Siena, opening the doors to an unforgettable weekend of celebration and remembrance.

The dedication ceremony, set for October 14th at 3:00 pm, was one of reflection and recognition, with mayor Edo Zacchei, the municipal administration and the Standard bearers of the Municipality of Sinalunga welcoming the participants. The invitation was extended and welcomed by many who wanted to share this moment of significant commemoration.

The stage for this extraordinary tribute was Via Ciro Pinsuti, where a new space will shine in honor of Sister Cesarina Vestrini. This extraordinary woman, a long-time doctor, represented a source of hope and assistance for the former Sinalunga hospital. Her unreserved dedication to the well-being of others, especially those most in need, has marked the history of the community with indelible traits.

Sister Cesarina Vestrini, a member of the congregation of the Sisters of the Poor of Saint Catherine of Siena, personified the fundamental values of compassion and generosity. Her life was an uninterrupted service to others, testifying that attention to human frailty and care are extraordinary forces capable of transforming the entire existence. The act of naming a street in her honor is a heartfelt tribute to her legacy and the lasting impact she has had on the community.

The Municipality of Sinalunga has decided to give recognition for the work of Sister Cesarina Vestrini tangible, inserting her figure directly into the urban fabric of the city. This gesture is not simply symbolic, but represents a concrete commitment to preserving the memory of those who dedicated their lives to the service of others and a thanksgiving for the congregation for the charismatic testimony of a consecrated woman and a sister of the poor.

The weekend of 14 and 15 October was a chapter of reflection, celebration and memory for Sinalunga, but also for the Savinian family. Through these dedications, the city pays homage to the figures who have sculpted its unique and supportive character. Via Ciro Pinsuti will become a place of meeting and inspiration, carrying on the legacy of Sister Cesarina Vestrini for generations to come. The light of this gesture will illuminate Sinalunga, testifying that altruism can be a beacon for all of us.