Sisters of the Poor

of Saint Catherine of Siena


Province of Santa Catherina - Italy

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The works of Mother Savina Petrilli have been sown with love and prodigality and are all over the world because “the world must see our good works to glorify God who inspires them and who manifests himself in them” (Savina Petrilli).

From the beginning (1874) of the foundation of the Congregation, Savina had a predilection for children and youth. And because of this, the Italian Province extends its range of action in various forms of education, even in frontier areas, animated and supported by the dynamism of the priestly charism. 

At the request of the local bishops, community of sisters have arisen where they find themselves living and working among children and young people in a not easy socio-economic context. Workshops, oratories, after-school activities for minors, times dedicated to formation, prayer and celebrations, contribute to creating a Christian and fecund collaboration among families. Nursery schools are scattered almost everywhere in Italy. High quality education, integral formation of the student, transmission of culture animated by Christian values, are the goals of a school that is open to the reception of the disabled, of children of different cultures and religions to live mutual respect in practice. 

All according to a Savinian pedagogy and style, which tend to create a spontaneous family atmosphere, where serenity and genuine interpersonal relationships favor and strengthen the specialized interventions needed by minors who live in very difficult family situations: a reality particularly dear to the Sisters of the Poor who carry in their congregational DNA the predilection for those whom the efficient and pleasure-seeking society hastily counts among the last or, worse, among the “useless”.

On some region there are also student houses for young people who wish to continue their studies, but are forced to move to other cities from there place of origin.

A Christian service to which Mother Savina had already thought. In all the works of the congregation it is to be remembered catechetical activity: the Sisters of the Poor are, in fact, at the service of parishes and dioceses, supporting and, when necessary, replacing the parish priest in the formation and coordination of catecheticals, in the conduct of youth groups, in visits to the sick at home, to whom they bring, as extraordinary ministers, communion.

Mother Savina’s daughters run listening centers and parish canteens for the poor. They are assisted by volunteers, young people in the civil service and some of them assisted. The demands of work and life of most families often and unfortunately do not allow the care of elderly parents, the sick, no longer self-sufficient, and many are forced to rely on specialized structures. Mother Savina has already opened her heart and doors to this kind of poverty: in her time it was a question of helping the elderly left alone in the world, sick and with precarious economic conditions.

The Sisters of the Poor today manage several retirement homes: in these places of peace and quiet, medical care, affection, understanding and listening are guaranteed.

The Sisters of Mother Savina take charge of the suffering of others, wiping away their tears and soothing, in part, the lack of the Family and their own home. Moments of celebration, animation with manual activities, songs, film forums and reading of everyday life are organized for these creatures, trying not to let them lack the comfort and support of faith, helping them to live this season of life as a gift from God.

In Italy we are present in Rome, Torrita di Siena, Florence, Siena, Mercatelo, Livorno, Cortona, Cesena, Grizzana, Sinalunga, Mercatello, Pomarance, Bologna, Aversa, Udine and Genova.

Provincial Government

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