Sisters of the Poor

of Saint Catherine of Siena


Mother Savina Province - India

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The Sisters of the Poor of St. Catherine of Siena also reached Asia in 1977. Their humble service began with poor children, who were offered kindergarten even until now. Later they were involved in various parish activities addressed to catechism, youth ministry, family ministry, assistance for the sick. The sisters offer their collaboration as catechists, as animators and as coordinators both at the parish and diocesan levels.

The sisters’ first house of formation in India was inaugurated in 1979 and the Sisters’ privileged field of accomplishment is the various forms of poverty. The Daughters of Mother Savina require much courage to face the adversities of the mission. At times they felt like “lambs in the midst of wolves”; but strengthened by the Rules that guide them and the witness of the Apostle St. Thomas that those lands touched to evangelize them, they work humbly and discreetly teaching families the rules of hygiene, of governance of the home, helping women to be economically self-sufficient. Children are also educated while those mentally and physically handicapped children are assisted, who often find in the nuns the maternal figure they do not enjoy. Often these creatures are destined by their disadvantaged families to be locked up in the so-called “hovels of the poor”.

The Sisters, called to dedicate themselves to this wonderful work, go to these caves of pain trying to persuade the parents to improve the conditions of their children. The aim is the integral promotion of these minors, embracing above all the areas of school, health and work. Whatever handicap they possess, they are encouraged to integrate with able-bodied children. Particular attention to the education of girls from disadvantaged families, social and spiritual assistance to young women and girls ex-prisoners. The Sisters are committed to forming their hearts in human and spiritual values. They also try to help them of their affective and moral voids. University students are also welcomed into boarding schools, offering them a serene and morally healthy way.

Provincial Government



Sr. Philomina

I Councilor

Sr. Rose

II Councilor

Sr. Lalithamma

III Councilor

Sr. Shelgy

IV Councilor

Sr. Beena


Sr. Ancy

Administrative Management