Sisters of the Poor

of Saint Catherine of Siena

Inauguration of the Communication Office: an act of spreading Goodness

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The afternoon of April 29th will remain a very special date for our Congregation, the Sisters of the Poor of Saint Catherine of Siena, a moment awaited and celebrated with full joy and gratitude.

At the event were present the Mother General and the Council, all the Sisters from the various communities of Rome, Professor Massimo Ilardo, along with some professors from the University of Santa Cruz, and friends. It was an important day for strengthening the Department, held in a welcoming and familial atmosphere. The participants conveyed anticipation, surprise, and joy at every step taken during the Celebration, which presented a structure completely organized and thought out with creativity and intuition.

Father Giacomo, Missionary of the Consolata, invited those present to reflect on the Gospel of Saint Mark: “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature”, recalling the office’s slogan: “Communicate Goodness Well”. Finally, he encouraged everyone, saying: “As you go, preach, as you walk, sow Goodness with words, but above all with life.”

During the Celebration, the priest introduced the image of the Holy Spirit, which was then placed in the editing room. 

Subsequently, the Mother introduced the image of Savina, in a place dedicated to the Founder, next to the periodicals of the voice of Charity, written by Savina herself. Additionally, the vicar general, Sr. Daisy, brought a lamp, symbol of divine illumination.

Mother Liliana directed her message to all the Sisters of the Poor: “This Communication Office is a place where our mission takes shape, where our values and our identity are expressed and shared with the world. 

It is an invitation to all of us sisters to be witnesses, apostles, communicators of Goodness through our words and our life. Inspired by the vision and courage of the women who preceded us: Saint Catherine of Siena and Blessed Savina.”

The feeling of gratitude for the past accomplished with wisdom and courage to live a future, as Mother recalled, guided by the Holy Spirit, was the harmony of the Savinian hearts. Thus, the Communication Office of the Congregation will develop, born 150 years ago in a small printing house in the city of Siena. 

From now on, it will take place in this new challenging reality, in a liquid society that needs strong souls, like those of Saint Catherine of Siena and Blessed Savina Petrilli, capable of spreading the Goodness by witnessing it.

In this Jubilee Year of the Congregation, present in 7 countries worldwide, each with its different social reality, in a context where the Church is called to undertake a Synodal journey, the Sisters of the Poor take a concrete and precise step, opening up to a reality that needs care and authentic communication. 

As credible testimonies, in a precise word of the Good News, rooted in the priestly charism, walking in harmony with the Holy Spirit as the protagonist of the Mission, in communion amidst the adversities of lives and the diversities of cultures, thus transmitting the richness of our charism.

Sr. Eliane Santos, SdP (Brasile)