Sisters of the Poor

of Saint Catherine of Siena

God is with us

God Comes Out of Eternal Time and Enters Our Time


Christmas is near, the Lord comes out of His eternal time and comes into our ephemeral, fleeting time.

We are waiting for it. In the meantime, great preparations, gifts to exchange and meals to share in conviviality.

Sparkling atmosphere. But time becomes breathlessness and the true essence of Christmas begins to escape.

Time passes frantically, a thousand things to do, time is not enough. The expectation of the coming of the eternal Lord of history becomes stress instead of contemplation.

On the night when the Light of the world came to illuminate the Earth, the shepherds, warned by the Angel of the Most High, had no doubts about what to do, they said: Let us go to Bethlehem to see! Nothing else was needed, nothing else was more important.

In them there was no doubt, they were before the Redeemer of the world, before the Lord of time and history.



God manifests himself and expects to be recognized and welcomed. The coming of Christ is terrific news. He could love His people from above, and send an ambassador but no, he comes personally.

He does it because he wants to meet us, touch us, take root in the hearts that want him. It floods us with Love, helps us to overcome fears and sufferings and reopens us to hope.

The mysterious power of the Spirit drives history blowing on the sails of the availability of anyone who does not want to surrender to the wind of the ephemeral, which generates superficiality and wants to convince of the nonsense of everything.

Blessed are you, Lord, who come to give meaning to history and time. The days to come would be worthless if You did not come to fill them.

Jesus comes to be born in our hearts and thoughts so that you may live in us and we in you!


Anna Maria Altavilla