Sisters of the Poor

of Saint Catherine of Siena

From Acknowledgment to Hope: An Ode of Gratitude for the Experiences in 2023

It’s time to breathe on the fragrance of gratitude.

Bless the Lord, O my soul” (Psalm 104). This longing resonates in our hearts, a song to the Lord for all the wonders He performed in our lives during the year 2023. It’s time to acknowledge the greatness of God’s love and lift our gratitude to God for the lived experiences. It’s the moment to nurture within us the most beautiful feelings, whether it be joy for the positive outcomes in our life and mission that sparked fraternity and sharing, or for the challenges that deepened our faith and allowed us to perceive the light that revives hope, with the certainty that the Lord is a permanent presence and source of life. 

We praise You, God, for the wonders You have wrought in us, through the blessings received, dreams fulfilled, goals achieved, and experiences lived with such intensity. 

Recognizing our smallness in the face of Your generosity, invites us to be the fragrance of gratitude, following the example of the Virgin Mary, who with her ‘yes’ breathes on the divine essence within her, leaving us the example of selfless service performed with love, in the silence of an adoring heart.

This sacred time brings forth in us joy and gratitude for the witnessing holiness of our Foundress, Mother Savina Petrilli, who through her life’s offering allowed herself to dream God’s dreams, embracing a charism that now spreads to different places and reaches many people. May the fragrance of gratitude that now emanates in our Religious Family, through the celebrations of the Savinian Jubilee Year, reach our family, friends, recipients of our mission, and many others who, along with us, continue to give life to the story that Mother Savina began.

May the recognition of God’s generosity in our lives impel us to carry in our hearts the noblest sentiments, offering our prayers and letting the fragrance of gratitude waft through the small gestures of generosity received in so many ways. How many lives have been celebrated, how much sharing has been done; time passes, and what remains is the shared love. We give thanks to the Lord for the year 2023 and place our trust in Him for the upcoming 2024. Happy New Year to the entire Savinian family.”

Sr. Eliane Santos