Sisters of the Poor

of Saint Catherine of Siena

Extended family

In this jubilee year, announced by the Mother General on 18 April 2023, the community of Genova Prà – Italy, had the opportunity to experience and celebrate the Holy Mass in a special way, presided over by the parish priest of the Parish of S. Maria Assunta, don Giorgio , together with don Lino.

During the homily, Fr Giorgio underlined the importance of the presence of the sisters in Genoa Prà – Italy, who together with educators and volunteers work with commitment and love in the community, at the service of many children in situations of vulnerability. Their presence sheds a powerful light of hope on the difficult lives of these children.

During a moving procession of the offertory, the children brought a rose to Blessed Savina as a sign of gratitude, because thanks to her they can be looked after, cared for and guided by the SdP. Savina’s daughters, called today to responsibly continue the work begun by their Mother, try to adapt to the times in an increasingly complex reality, building on a faith rooted in Christ. 

The sisters know that they must educate the heart to love, bearing witness to the fascination of encountering Jesus to those who approach them.

Their structures present themselves as simple and welcoming houses, where one breathes peace and serenity, and where conditions are sought that foster authentic relationships, capable of expressing love for those who have met Jesus and have allowed their hearts to be transformed by Him.

Many friends have responded to their invitation to celebrate the centenary of the foundress’ birth, joyfully sharing this moment: foster families, volunteers, benefactors, parishioners and, of course, the children, who with their vitality and enthusiasm have given life and color at the party.

In the end, through a video, it was possible to appreciate the many Savinian charitable activities that are carried out with commitment and originality in the various missions of this congregation scattered throughout the world.

An atmosphere of joy and fraternity was perceived which involved all the people present. In particular, some who were not familiar with Savinian’s work were surprised by the serenity they felt, defining the experience as being part of a family, a very close-knit and harmonious extended family.

Giuseppina Friend of the Community