Sisters of the Poor

of Saint Catherine of Siena

“Communicating Well, the Good”: Latin America Meeting on Communication

The Congregation is taking a path to grow more authentically in the field of personal and institutional communication; this led to a Formation attended by Mother Liliana Quesada, the Superiors of Latin America, and Professor Massimo Ilardo, allowing the network of different cultures, and a transformative meeting, looking forward to the future.

The event was held on 17 and 18 March, in the Province of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Terezina (Brazil), focusing on the theme: “Communicating well”. Fundamental questions about the importance of effective and authentic communication were highlighted during the event.

The essential aspect was understanding that “true communication seeks unity in diversity, not uniformity” (Antoine de St. Exupéry). It reflects the need for a spiritual sense in an increasingly materialistic world.

The centrality of the discourse is on institutional communication, highlighting the fundamental role of the Communication Department 

in its total management, from public relations to digital marketing, to define the official image of the Congregation.

Practical issues such as the importance of feedback, active listening, and the ability to take multiple perspectives for effective communication were deepened. The need to align content and relationships has been highlighted as an integral part of authentic communication.

The encounter encouraged participants to constantly seek ways to update and revitalize the charism, underlining the Savinian approach that aims to convey the good clearly and elegantly, reflecting charismatic values.

It was a significant moment; it strengthened family ties between communities and underlined the importance of sharing experiences that reaffirm charismatic bonds. It highlighted the need to cultivate deep and authentic relationships and transcend the superficiality of Contemporary Society.

Sr. Mônica Brandão, SdP (Brazil, south)