Sisters of the Poor

of Saint Catherine of Siena

Communicating: a savinian style

Is effectively communicating the Good the new challenge of today?

This is the question that pushes the Savinian Sisters to open the new official website of the Congregation, with the participation of many Sisters of the Poor, to share the charism of Mother Savina even through the digital world.

In the process of seeking its own style of communication, the General Government of the Congregation had needed to prepare a specific group of Sisters. With this goal, an intensive Mass Media communication course was held in the Generalate House with the collaboration of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross.

At the end of the course and after a consultation with the participants, the Mother General established the Savinian Communication Office composed of some Sisters, and gave the task to a “Temporary communication manager”, Dr. Massimo llardo, to follow and accompany in the formation process, to carry out the Congregation Communication project.

Among the short-term objectives are:

  • The evolution from group to communication team, capable of building a “newsroom”.
  • The restyling of the official website of the Savinian Congregation.

To achieve these objectives, formative meetings have been planned with the Sisters of the Office of Communication that take place every month at the Generalate House to support the competitiveness of the digital world and the Congregation.

To incarnate the charism in one’s daily life, to communicate it to the world, and sharing the joy of being in the Church, a sister for all : this is the challenge that drives the whole Congregation today to communicate in its own Savinian style, knowing how to distinguish its unique identity.

This initiative has a particular significance for the whole Institution: to continue what Mother Savina, a great “communicator”, had begun in her time: to educate and instruct the people around her, she had founded in the Mother House, a printing press and, consequently, the periodical entitled “The Voice of Charity”. Savina wanted to bring the life of the Institute to everyone, and above all to give the local people an opportunity to read something spiritual. 

In today’s world, so technologically advanced, with a continuous storm of information and disinformation, Savina’s daughters want to continue with the same spirit of communication to spread God’s message across the world and save many souls.

The Sisters of the Poor want to reach the hearts of the people with a message of faith, hope, and life; to help everyone, not only to seek but above all, to find God.

                                               Sr. Sunitha, SdP