Sisters of the Poor

of Saint Catherine of Siena


The priestly Spirit

Our Specific Charism

The priestly Spirit is the reason for every expression of our Institute and we have it as the force
that generates us. Therefore, our charism is the “priestly life”, that is, while the ministry is to
perform special functions, ours is to live in a priestly way.

Savina says: “Jesus, however, apart from the priestly anointing, also had the priestly Spirit, which made him fit to be the perfect Priest.” It is by the virtue of this Spirit that Christ is the Priest, not only in eternity but in his life. At any moment he is a Priest, even when he does not perform priestly actions, his life is dominated, it is an expression and manifestation of this priestly spirit.

Therefore, the Spirit of adoration is the one that marks a little our whole life and therefore all our service, but it is not limited only to adoration or prayer, but it is the whole of life, the whole day becomes Adoration; it is above all the interior expression that cannot remain buried because every gift of God, if it is his gift, tends to manifest itself. An experience of God, if it is a story, cannot remain closed, it must find an outlet and therefore must become communicable.

Our Style

  • We don’t look for sacrifice outside ourselves but accept what God wants; 
  • To live in expectation of what God wants from us. 
  • However, it is through being open and attentive to God’s will. 
  • Living available to his will: is the root of sacrifices. 
  • Respond to the insult with love, with forgiveness.
  • Suffering for another who has not welcomed you.

“Everything is little for Jesus”