Sisters of the Poor

of Saint Catherine of Siena

Celebrate the Present Reflecting on the Past and looking towards the Future

The creative contributions coming from different angles of a Savinian attribute, in this year of special celebration that involves our Religious Family, have animated hopes and dreams, and renewed the desire to plan and implement, what we have proposed to live our jubilee year in festive communion.

With the centenary of Savina’s Easter we have officially opened this time of grace which challenges the Savinian family; some dates deserve to be remembered with emphasis to further stimulate our journey of fraternal communion:

1. By reviving some healthy Savinian traditions we are trying to further deepen the active presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives and in our history in order to be aware, grateful and credible witnesses day after day.

2. The novena prayer for the feast of the Nativity of Mary, sent to the entire Congregation, intends to encourage our prayerful communion, so that every SdP can experience the anniversary of the 7th of September 1874 with the appropriate solemnity. The entrance of Savina and her 3 companions in via Baroncelli has made this house permanently our cradle and the hearth of the Saviniana family: it is a page of Church history in which the official birth of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Poor Saint Catherine of Siena is written.

3. The memorial of the “first dinner” will have a celebrative emphasis with the participation of the laity who collaborate in our mission and wish to live our spirituality. The centrality of this date, 7th of September, suggests us to make it a specific day for the entire Savinian reality: starting from this jubilee year, it will be highlighted in the calendar of the Congregation as “Savinian Vocation Day.

4. Between September and October we will pray the international holy rosary, that is, every Saturday we will be “connected” to pray together and experience this moment of fraternal communion.

5. In collaboration with the Saviniana Communication Office, the First Assembly of Institutional Communication will be held with the specific theme that recalls the general chapter: “Forming oneself to communicate the Good effectively”.

We deeply thank all the provincial superiors and the head of the Philippine Mission and we recognize their great commitment in responding to the various initiatives proposed: in particular, for the support and collaboration in the work of the “Savinian Communication Office” in its simple but decisive steps to create a unique and charismatic style of communication. Involved in communication innovations, we will be citizens of the digital world, with a specific identity to communicate “the Good”.

Our anniversary logo highlights some points that recall our history which today we are called to live.

The logo recalls Savina’s project, inspired by God together with her companions represented by 4 flowers, that is, those who entered the Mother House, and gathered around the tablecloth that recalls Mary’s altar, as we well know from our story. We can imagine that God made them understand the birth of our family in their hearts: the filaments of numbers symbolize the origin and continuity, those who have entered the journey to make the institute grow in the richness of the charism. A story that we continue to write today.

With God’s blessings on all Savinian family, I wish you a nice time for reflection and creativity in fraternal communion.

Mother Liliana Quesada Dorado
Mother Liliana Quesada Dorado

Superiora Geral