Sisters of the Poor

of Saint Catherine of Siena

Called to Communicate God

We must Communicate God, and we are the Instrument of this Communication

With these few words we intend to define our WEBSITE as an instrument of encounter and “place” of communication in the Savinian way.

Our communication must be a place of encounter, of dialogue, a place where the verification of the quality of our communication is not based on numbers, but on the effectiveness of collaboration and communion.

Have we really understood the responsibility of being instruments through which God wishes to communicate His goods to the people with whom we encounter? We should not let ourselves give in to digital mediocrity or cheap offers, but rather to form ourselves in the transmission of the values in which we believe, and to express incisively, what is entrusted to us: the Savinian Charism. 

The differences of local churches and communities are many and a true richness that is born, however, from a single root: wherever we find ourselves living our call we must have the courage to go against the tide – if necessary – and harmonize all the gifts that overflow with the precious creativity of the Spirit.

Good communication is not something that is taken for granted, but is achieved by forming a communicative mentality – and for this it is necessary to prepare, to study – in addition to learning the new digital technologies in continuous change. 

We are not numbers for we do not want to be estimated alone for our viewership or for the number of our followers, we are “relationship” and we are a community, and this requires not only mutual acceptance, but a sharing of life: precisely for this reason, we want to focus our messages on authentic values. 

A good Savinian communicator never communicates herself, she communicates God and knows that she is a bridge, not a port. Our communication plan must go far beyond thought. We started in the Saviniana family, this formative path to communicate God with what we are, with what we do and with the means we have at our disposal, but it is not a race in which it is important to arrive first: the real victory is to arrive together, united.

Certain and convinced, that we are the “instrument of communication”, let us start again with confidenceG