Sisters of the Poor

of Saint Catherine of Siena

Building Bridges of truth The Art of Communication

In an increasingly connected and fast world, authentic communication becomes a crucial mission, and the Sisters of the Poor of Saint Catherine of Siena held their 1st International Communication Assembly, held from 19 November to 10 December at the Generalate in Rome and it will end in Siena at the Mother House.

With the invitation of the Superior General Mother Liliana Quesada, the Sisters from Italy, Brazil, Argentina, India and the Philippines inaugurated the assembly with joy and spirituality. The assembly officially presented the Savinian Communications Office, made up of sisters from different realities, with the role of collaborating with the Mother General and her Council to organize, coordinate and develop the official internal and external activities of the congregation.

In this event it was explored that communication, for the Sisters of the Poor, goes beyond mere verbalization, but rather everything is needed to build relationships. They communicate to authentically connect with others, both through speech and non-verbal communication.

Furthermore, with the interventions of the professionals who accepted the invitation, institutional communication was presented in an organized and coordinated way. The objective is not to present the institution as a product or do marketing, but rather to embody the charisma and promote it in an evolving culture, becoming people capable of initiatives, working on projects and caring for interpersonal relationships.

In the digital context, the Sisters explored digital strategies, learning how to communicate in an effective and engaging way. They understood the language of audiovisual communication through different media and types of narration, always maintaining the link with their Savinian communication project.

The voice of Savina, the foundress of the Sisters of the Poor, still resonates today and is the reflection made during the first days. Using all the means of communication of her time, Savina evangelized and contributed to forming the human person. Communication becomes a tool to tell the life and mission of the Sisters, reflecting on the “Good” towards those in need.

The Communication Assembly marked a moment of grace, guided by the Holy Spirit. The Sisters understood that they do not “do” communication, but that they are communication.

Therefore it is necessary to create authentic and inclusive relationships, enhancing both personal and community experience, because true relationships flourish only where communication is active. In this, following in the footsteps of Blessed Savina is carrying forward the mission of communicating Good to the world.