Sisters of the Poor

of Saint Catherine of Siena


Province of Our Lady of Luján - Argentina

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In 1909, with the presence of the Mother’s Representative, two missionary sisters from Brazil and three from Italy, she began the mission in Argentina with a home for the elderly in need. This foundation was visited by Mother Savina in 1912, where she was able to meet the Sisters who had come from Brazil to greet her. Well over a hundred years of mission on Argentine soil!

And, over time, several works were developed. Currently, the evangelization is done through: nursing homes, homes for children at risk, schools (with three levels of education), parishes and social pastoral care; and missionary activities in different dioceses. 

The evangelizing mission both in nursing homes and in children’s homes is carried out with the collaboration of various benefactors and volunteers, who, together with the sisters, provide protection and physical and spiritual accompaniment, seeking, as far as possible, to strengthen family ties.

In schools, in addition to the cultural formation of young people, care is taken, from an early age, to help them in the growth of faith through coexistence, retreats and sacramental life, also making available to them recreational and sporting activities.

In the north of Argentina, collaboration with parishes allows a vast evangelizing and pastoral action in collaboration with the diocesan Caritas: Missionary Childhood and Adolescence (IAM), family and pastoral catechesis of the sick and the faithful departed. There is also school support for children with difficulties. In recent years, a new pastoral field has been opened in other dioceses, where young people and adults are periodically accompanied through the organization of missions and retreats.

Provincial Government

Sr. Eusa



I Councilor

Sr. Liliana Strani

II Councilor

Sr. Melisa Martini

III Councilor

III Conselheira

Sr. Francisca Ciencia

IV Councilor


Administrative Management and Secretary