Sisters of the Poor

of Saint Catherine of Siena

An Occasion for Healing, Forgiving, and Building the Future

La Navidad, momento de reflexión y rememoración del hogar, se presenta como el santuario de la familia, un lugar donde las raíces de la existencia se entrelazan con la calidez de los vínculos afectivos. Es una oportunidad para contemplar el pasado, abrazar el presente y planificar el futuro. La Navidad es más que una fiesta: es una oportunidad para la introspección, para conectar con nuestras experiencias y para construir un futuro lleno de significado.Christmas is a moment of reflection and it reminds us of home. It presents itself as the sanctuary of the family, a place where the roots of existence are intertwined with the warmth of emotional bonds. It is an occasion to contemplate the past, embrace the present, and plan for the future. Christmas is more than a party; it is an opportunity for introspection, connecting with our experiences, and building a meaningful future.

This is the time that invites us to “live fully in the present” to experience the fullness of the moment, embracing joy and appreciating the beauty of the moments that surround us.

It’s time for “healing” because Christmas opens the door to a therapeutic family dimension, an opportunity to process the past, forgive, and move forward. Because the weight of a difficult past can be a springboard for a rebirth, opening the doors to a future that can be built based on lessons learned and renewed hopes.

“And the Word became flesh and lived among us” (Jn 1,14). This is God’s divine desire, to dwell with us and among us. Therefore, the presence of Jesus is the pinnacle of Christmas spirituality, suggesting that true grace lies in welcoming the birth of Christ into the various dimensions of our existence.

Thus, Christmas, far from material pomp, is rooted in the simplicity of the desire for rebirth and in the will to commit oneself to an envisioned human and spiritual renewal of every being who believes in Him. 

Merry Christmas in the Lord!

Madre Liliana e Communication department Savinian