Sisters of the Poor

of Saint Catherine of Siena

An Us: A together for a new year

Where to start?

From the bridge! A journey towards the other side, from encounter, from listening, from forgiveness, from friendship, from love, finally from the encounter where everyone feels brothers and sisters. That everyone feels that they are the family of the same father who is God, of the same Mother Mary and of the brother of all: Jesus, who is reborn in every gesture of good that does good to others.

But how to be?

Being connected with what happened, knowing how to accept and listen to oneself and others. Only those who are present in the space in which they are, in the moment that happens and in the hour that if they live will be able to say that to exploit life is to live every moment with intensity and can thank the grace that is around the whole moment of everyday life.

Being a bridge between God and men is like connecting and uniting two separate and hindered parts as Pope Francis says it is “keeping the heart open to hope, trusting in God who is present”.

How to begin?

In the decision to begin and obstruct a new life in a new year that begins. Because this is the new time, a new hope, a new opportunity to do well of what is not done, to live better than ever before, to be what God expects of him.

May Mary be the companion of this journey, carrying in her heart the prayer of a son and daughter who entrusts herself to her mother: Today I place myself in your hands full of love, tenderness and grace. If I am poor or (a), I depend either on God, or I rely on you because as a mother she will guide my steps to cross the bridge of life and to be for others. Amen. Happy New Year full of blessings!