Sisters of the Poor

of Saint Catherine of Siena

A Heart of Devotion: Fraternal Homage at the Feet of Mary"

A touching gesture of devotion was manifested in the solemn atmosphere of the Eucharistic celebration, culminating it with the moving act of Mother Liliana, who placed at Mary’s feet a symbol rich in meaning: a heart specially prepared to welcome the names of all the Sisters of
the Poor scattered throughout the various countries.

This profound gesture is imbued with memory and gratitude, evoking the magnificent act performed by Blessed Mother Savina on the 50th anniversary of her religious Consecration. On that occasion, a silver heart carefully kept the names of all the Sisters, tangibly representing spiritual unity and fraternal communion.

Today, Mother Liliana, following in the noble footsteps of Mother Savina, repeats this touching gesture to express gratitude to Mary for the graces received and implore her blessing and protection for this precious religious family. The heart, a symbol of faith and devotion, will remain at Mary’s feet for the entire Jubilee year, testifying to the constant commitment of each community of the Sisters of the Poor in pursuing the path of Savinian spirituality and witnessing to fraternal love to achieve full communion.

The gesture was not just a symbolic act but a living expression of the faith and unity that characterize the religious community.

The placing of the names of each Sister of the Poor demonstrates the attention and care for each singular person within the Savinian community. It deepens the relationships between the souls who share the same charismatic mission.

In this Jubilee Year, the heart at Mary’s feet becomes a point of reference, a place of prayer and reflection, where the whole community can gather together spiritually to give thanks and ask for protection and guidance. Mary, the mother, and protector of the entire congregation, becomes the beating heart of this expression of devotion, guiding the community on the path of faith and solidarity.

Finally, this gesture represents an invitation to all members of the religious community to keep the flame of faith and brotherly love alive, drawing inspiration from the example of the Mother and Mother Savina. The heart at Mary’s feet thus becomes a symbol of hope and continuous commitment to serving with love and dedication the neediest sisters and brothers.

In conclusion, this heart placed with love and devotion becomes a concrete sign of communion, an invitation to each member to continue to look to Mary as a guide and inspiration in the spiritual path and daily mission.