Sisters of the Poor

of Saint Catherine of Siena

Glimpse in life

On Friday 21st July, I accompanied some sisters for their retreat in Cortona. The house where they would have stayed for a few days was very beautiful and large, there was really an air of peace and calm. 

The house includes a larger church now closed to the public and a smaller one for the nuns they use only for themselves. It is located on several floors, of which at the top, outside, there is a small vegetable garden where there is a breathtaking view over the whole city and beyond. 

The most fascinating thing about the house is that inside there are many ancient objects: relics of various important figures as well as Savina Petrilli herself, a press, a well from which time they drew water, and a now walled-up window from which the nuns gave drinks and from feed the neediest. In short, a small place that hides many riches in itself. 

The nuns present there explained to me the story of Santa Margarita, an important figure in Cortona, where in the church dedicated to her, located a little higher than her house, her body rests. For the less passionate the stories of the saints may all appear the same but in reality, this is not the case.

Like every person in the world were human beings who, surely had one in common strong faith in God, but they have also had different experiences, done different works, paths each one a path to itself and all the stories of these great characters have their own moral behind, they give a lesson to the listener, something on which anyone, adults, and children, can learn reason and thus come to understand oneself: one’s actions, one’s vocations and one’s own feelings, but also those of others. They help you to be closer to others, to empathize with them, and to understand them better so that you can help them in their time of need. They are stories that make us understand what is right from what is wrong. A bit like children’s fairy tales about princesses and superheroes. Sometimes we think that today’s society needs one of those comic book superheroes. 

But it is impossible to find it, instead, there are many superheroes, and they will not have a cloak and a mask, they may not be able to fly but have a strong ambition, a sense of unparalleled solidarity, and incomparable love. 

Here are the women and men who have chosen the monastic life: little superheroes who pursue the will of a being greater than us and who do many different actions every day, very important to the community, which could bring about enormous changes in this world.

Picture of Flavia Fulgione
Flavia Fulgione

Born in Eboli, province of Salerno, Italy on October 24, 2002. University student of Modern Literature